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About Me:

Hello There!

My Name is Vijay Rathod.

I am a content writer and content creator.


MY Content is My Identity.

Its my Job to Create a Fantasy, and Sometimes, I like to hang out with people that aren’t that bright. You know, just to see how the other half lives.


My Masculine Identity:

I don’t have dreams, I have goals.

I am the Unstoppable Beast who doesn’t know about Quitting.

I am The Monster with unbeatable Energy.

I absolutely adore women; I don’t worship them. BIG DIFFERENCE THERE

Love is the foolishness of men, and the wisdom of God. (this is a deep quote; if you understand well, you will create a good life for yourself)

Books for Man:

  1. No more Mr. Nice Guy
  2. The Rationale Male
  3. The Unplugged Alpha
  4. The Way of the Superior Man
  5. Mastering yourself
  6. The Mask of Mascunality


For Girls and women out here:

Follow Top Female Personality:

  1. Saheli Chatterji
  2. Shreya Pattar
  3. mylifesamovie.com


My Goals:

Becoming the Strongest man Mentally, Physically, and Financially

Becoming Strong Mentally:

Mastering My Emotions

Don’t Get Attached to Anyone

Have a Strong Vision for my Goals


Becoming Physically Strong:

Mastering everyday exercise and yoga

Dedicated to my routine

Fight anyone and Conquer (Removing the word Fear from My Life Dictionary)


Becoming Financially Strong:

Build my own empire

Being able to purchase anything expensive in this world

Mastering the art of managing money


My Friends: Hardwork, Smartwork, Focus, Dedication, Exercising, Winning Habit

Guilty Pleasure: Rescue the BAR


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Thank you!